Volume 1 - Issue 10 (October 2021)

Linking entrepreneurial orientation with organisational performance of Christian entrepreneurs in Udupi district, Karnataka: An empirical inquiry

- Slima Pinto, Prakash Pinto* and Vinish P.


Entrepreneurship plays a vital socio-economic role in employment generation, resource utilisation and overall economic growth. The entry of new entrants creates healthy competition among existing players. With the Indian government launching various schemes to promote entrepreneurship in India, enterprises have been growing all over the country, with many start-ups making considerable impacts on the economy in the past few years. However, due to the pandemic, enterprise growth has witnessed a slowdown. Entrepreneurial orientation is the reflection of the strategic orientation of an organisation. This study examines the entrepreneurial orientation among Christian entrepreneurs in the Udupi district and its effect on enterprise performance. The study surveyed 73 entrepreneurs through personal interviews. The study concludes that only three dimensions of entrepreneurial orientation out of five, such as innovativeness, risk-taking, and autonomy, influence organisational performance. While the competitive aggressiveness and pro-activeness did not show any effect on organisational performance.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Christian, organisational performance, Udupi