Volume 1 - Issue 9 (September 2021)

Self Confidence of Gender- a study of Secondary School Teachers of Kashmir Division

- Sumia Majeed Badam *


The purpose of this paper is to study, compare and correlate the self-confidence of secondary school teachers with respect to gender. Usable questionnaires were collected from 324 teachers in secondary schools. The research design for the current study is a combination of exploratory, quantitative and descriptive. The research method used in this particular study involves the use of descriptive hypothesis testing. The results indicated that self-confidence varies according to gender and the Self-confidence among both the genders is also found to be significant. The self-confidence of teachers should be developed on all the ten dimensions of Physical Confidence, Technological Confidence, Social Confidence, Psychological Confidence, Judgment Confidence, Readiness Confidence, Environment Confidence, Stage Confidence, Status Confidence and Peer Independence Confidence. In schools, the whole environment should be such so that the teacher’s confidence level should be increased and therefore they can actively manage their daily day to day life problems.

Keywords: Teacher Self-confidence, Quantitative, Exploratory, Descriptive, Secondary School