Volume 1 - Issue 10 (October 2021)

Optimal planning of multi-vector energy systems with high penetration of renewable energy source: A comprehensive review

- Patrick S. Onen *, Geev Mokryani, Rana H.A. Zubo


The increasing penetration of renewable energy sources (RESs), like wind and solar into the current electricity network introduces challenges to the planning, design, and management of the electricity network due to the intermittent nature of the RESs. The heating, cooling, gas, and transport infrastructures each have certain intrinsic storage capacity and demand response (DR) potentials that can be exploited in an energy system integration to provide some of the flexibility needed in the electricity network and facilitate a cost-effective transition to a low carbon, resilient and robust energy systems with a high share of intermittent RESs for the future energy system. The process of integrating the different energy infrastructure is known as multi vector energy systems. This paper reviews the different study carried out in recent time on the planning of multi vector energy systems using the energy hubs (EH) approach. Also, the different uncertainty modelling and optimization methods that have been used in past studies in planning the energy hub are classified and reviewed to ascertain the appropriate techniques for addressing RESs uncertainty when planning future energy hubs.

Keywords: Multi Vector energy system, Renewable energy sources, optimal Planning, optimization