Volume 1 - Issue 8 (August 2021)

The Impact of the Immediacy of Rewarding in the Performance on Reading of Grade 8 Students in English

- Lemuel-Kim Abellon Garcia *


The study sought to determine whether the immediacy of the reward influences the reading performance of the students. This study may be considered as a basis in setting up a scheme in teaching reading and if possible, be applied to the improvement of Phil – IRI in terms of its implementation. Hence, the targeted output of this is study to make a guideline in awarding those want-to-learn-how-to-better-read aspirants. This study made use of quasi-experimental approach and Phil – IRI assessment system was used in gauging students’ reading performance. Since Phil – IRI does not have materials for Grade 8, the researcher made use of the texts that are read in Grade 8 while using the Phil – IRI assessment. It was found that the reading speed of the students has a relationship to the length of the reading text hence students tend to slow down when they want to understand the text well. However, students’ words-per-minute is below the 250-words-per-minute prescription. Results show that among the three groups, experimental, comparison, and controlled group, the experimental (whom immediate rewarding scheme was applied) got the highest score, but it is not significant from those groups who were delayed and not rewarded at all. It is concluded that the students’ perception to score and to do better were their primary motivation more than the material rewards. Certificates were proven impactful to students than material rewards.


Keywords: Rewarding Scheme, Reading, Immediate Rewarding, Delayed Rewarding