Volume 1 - Issue 9 (September 2021)

Wireless Robotic car control through human interface using eye movement

- Hafiz Muhammad Attaullah *, Iftikhar Ahmed Javed


Technology and advancement is increasing day by day but it seems to benefit majorly the fit and physically young/strong people. The physically/mentally specially abled and old aged persons are generally devoid of these technological benefits. Their life is already a struggle and day to day work causes more havoc to its functioning. The most basic difficulties like performing their daily routine tasks like to move from one place to another are also a big issue. There are several parameters in humans which are a gift by Almighty so that those can be used to overcome the disabilities in one way or another. In this study we have designed and developed a robotic car for the persons who are specially abled using state of the art low-cost devices. The device designed to target those who cannot walk but have well functional eyes. The eyes are the main point of the proposed system. This is an eye controlled robotic car which can be controlled by eye and its gestures to move around.

Keywords: handicapped persons, eye movement, Arduino, Wi-Fi, Robotic Car