Volume 1 - Issue 7 (July 2021)

Health benefits of honey and ethno-botanical uses of its bee flora from Lakki Marwat district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

- S. Ahmad *, M. Zafar, M. Ahmad, S. Sultana, G. Yaseen, K. Khan and F. Khan


Currently in many rural communities of district Lakki Marwat traditional knowledge of honey and bee flora are used to treat numerous diseases. Aim of the present study was to collect, identify, explore ethnomedicinal applications of melliferous plants and uses of honey in district Lakki Marwat for treatment of various diseases. A field survey was carried out from September 2018 to October 2019 in 13 different villages of the district. A total of 50 plants belonging to 25 different families and many medicinal uses of honey were reported from study area. According to questionnaire and interview taken from numerous people more than 22 diseases were cured through honey but most used for cough and eye infections followed by dysentery, stomach pain, fever, kidney problems and respiratory diseases. The results of current study showed that honey and its bee flora play an important role for curing different diseases in Lakki Marwat.


Keywords: honeybees, medicinal uses, Lakki Marwat, nectar, bee forage