Volume 1 - Issue 7 (July 2021)

Loyalty Card: Understanding its influence on Retail business and consumers

- Fhrizz S. De Jesus *, Catherine T. Viray, Julius B. Ramos


Retail businesses, small and new to the market are already using loyalty cards as their marketing strategy because it is beneficial for both the business and the customer. However, with the large numbers of businesses that were using loyalty card, retail industry can be impacted with this. Consequently, the contributions of the card to the customer’s perspectives, to the consumer’s behavior and attitude, and to the business acumen must be tackled and studied. This was the basis of the researchers in conducting this descriptive study. The findings as to customer’s perspectives and behavior, respondents believed that the loyalty card is advantageous to them so they own one or more loyalty cards from various stores and frequently use it for price discounts and promos. As to business acumen, the old customers were retained while acquiring new ones resulting in faster sales and higher profits.


Keywords: Loyalty card, retail industry, customer’s perspectives, consumer’s behavior and attitudes