Volume 1 - Issue 7 (July 2021)

Importance, engagement and satisfaction in academic, Co-curricular experiences and other student services of selected college students

- Lucille Dote Evangelista *


Engaging in co-curricular activities provides opportunities in integrating academic and personal development. This study focused on student’s view of importance, engagement, and satisfaction in academic, co-curricular experiences and other student services. The study involved 300 BatStateU students from three colleges. The Batangas State University Student Satisfaction Survey (BSUSSS) was used as the main data gathering tool in order to collect data and measure students' satisfaction. This study shows the indication of satisfaction in participation in specific educational experiences. It is found that opportunities for co-curricular development are deemed important by the students. The result also shows that students are satisfied with co-curricular experiences and other services. This study may be used by the office to propose better academic, co-curricular experiences and activities.


Keywords: academic, co-curricular experiences, satisfaction of students, BatStateU-Main