Volume 1 - Issue 5 (May 2021)

Effect of exposing students to science fiction films and movies on their academic achievement in science

- Jamela B. Sampulna *


The main purpose of this study was to determine the effect of exposure to science fiction films and movies on achievement test scores in Science of second-year students at the Doroluman High School and Cotabato Foundation College of Science and Technology, Doroluman, Arakan, Cotabato. The study made use of the pre-test post-test control group design. About 30 students were assigned to the experimental group and they were taught with the use of the visual media approach while another group of 30 students were treated using the traditional method to make up the control group. Using non-equivalent control group design as a tool to measure the pre-test and the post-test scores of both the experimental and the control group, the test was validated, which was enter subjected to a reliability test and items-analysis. As a result, the overall pre-test and post-test mean gain scores between the experimental and the control group showed significant difference. Findings implied that exposure to science fiction films and movies was effective to improve test scores of students in a biotechnology test compared to the students taught with the use of the traditional method. Teaching through the traditional method should be discouraged while students were being exposed to the visual media approach intended to improve the teaching of biotechnology which would help students conceptualize at a much better way the content of a topic. Science teachers should integrate multimedia in their teaching methods in order to enhance the academic performance of their students in science subjects. Thus, teachers should be updated in the scientific field through a regular attendance to seminars, symposiums and workshops.


Keywords: Scientific fiction, Scientific films, Scientific Movies, Academic Achievement, Students