Volume 1 - Issue 5 (May 2021)

The employee’s motivation and organizational performance
management of the University campuses in Misamis Oriental

- Joann Dajuya Lim *


The organizational performance of Bukidnon State University (BukSU) is a vital tool to measure its
accomplishment in the University Vision. The study presents level of motivation of employees and the level of organizational performance management of BukSU in Misamis Oriental. The research utilized descriptive design. The purposive sampling of participants is employed. Findings show that the level of motivation of employees in hygiene factors is 3.85 or very satisfactory (vs). The level of motivation in motivators is 3.88 or very satisfactory (vs). The overall level of motivation of employees in the University campuses is 3.81 or very satisfactory (vs). This means that most of the employees are motivated to work in the organization. On the other hand, the organizational performance management is 4.13 or very often (vo). This means that the organization has a very good performance management process. The study concluded that the organization has motivated employees to work provided with the benefits as mandated in the Civil Service Commission (CSC) law. The two-motivation factors: the hygiene and motivators have implemented in the organization and leads to the very good organizational performance management (OPM) of BukSU Campuses in Misamis Oriental.


Keywords: Motivational Factors, Organizational Performance Management, University Campuses