Volume 1 - Issue 3 (March 2021)

Evaluation of Self-Instructional Material in Creative Non-Fiction

- Luijim Santos Jose and Ma. Editha Reyes Caparas *


This study described and evaluated the content of the self-instructional material in Creative Non-Fiction and its effectiveness on senior high school students’ academic performance. Eighty (80) students who were given a pre-test and post-test participated in the study so that the effect of the self-instructional material on the academic performance was determined. The eighty (80) students were divided into two groups: forty (40) students used the self-instructional material, and another forty (40) students did not use the self-instructional material. Their respective pre-test and post-test results were used to describe their academic performance. Three experts evaluated the content of the self-instructional material using a self-instructional material evaluation tool. The findings of the study showed that: The content of the selfinstructional material, which covers six parts, is accurate, current, clear, and authentic and, at the same time, appropriate for diverse learners and aligned to the curriculum guide provided by the Department of Education. The students’ academic performance who used the self-instructional material were higher than the students’ academic performance who did not use the self-instructional material after the semester based on their post-test results. The self-instructional material helped the students who used it to improve their academic performance; therefore, the self-instructional material is effective for the students.

Keywords: self-instructional material, academic performance, experimental.