Volume 1 - Issue 2 (February 2021)

CNF-ADRC for MacPherson strut quartercar suspension model

- Muhammed F. Alhelou * and Khaldoun M. Salloum


In this paper, a new simple mathematical model of MacPherson strut suspension system is proposed. The proposed model overcomes the complexities introduced in the nonlinear models found in literature. In addition, a new ADRC approach is proposed to achieve as fast as possible and without overshoot transient process. This ADRC approach depends on replacing the ADRC control part with a composite non-linear feedback (CNF) controller. Simulating the control of the proposed mathematical model of MacPherson suspension, a comparison is carried out between the new proposed ADRC, the conventional ADRC, Skyhook and LQR controllers. Simulation results illustrate that CNF-ADRC has the best handling and comfort performance for active and semi-active MacPherson suspension system with a drawback of introducing new frequency components in the control signal of semi-active suspension.

Keywords: MacPherson strut, Skyhook, CNF-ADRC, LQR, Comfort, Handling, Mathematical model.