Volume 1 - Issue 2 (February 2021)

Multiple Intelligences (MI): Mapping the Pathway of Future Elementary Teacher Candidates

- Reynaldo J. Ilumin*, Mariel R. Tapadera, Faith M. Cuevo, Donna D. De Guzman, Lodyvina G. Angeles, Mary Jane L. Tomas, Mary Joy P. Cruz, Alfredo M. Esteban, Christopher G. Francisco, Diezabel V. Esguerra, Samantha L. Policarpio, Mary Angelie S. Cabacungan, Ethel Joy V. Sebastian


This study on Multiple Intelligences of the teacher candidates of the College of Education of NEUST was conducted to dissect their internal mental qualities to help the Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) Curriculum Program in determining whether they have the right and initial potential characteristics of a future elementary teacher. Determining their dominant, more dominant, and, most dominant Multiple Intelligences (MIs) using Gardner’s test of MI will help teacher – mentors in planning instructional content, process, strategies, and assessments for them. Awareness of these teacher candidates on their MIs will help them appreciate their subject and preferences, teaching grade level preferences, and their learning styles.

Keywords: Multiple Intelligences (MI), dominant MI, grade level preferences, teacher candidates.