Volume 1 - Issue 2 (February 2021)

Effective Teaching Methods among Students of AMA Computer College Cavite Campus, Philippines

- Joseph SY Butawan*


The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of various teaching methods used for teaching students at college level. Student’s perception and ratings about the interesting and effective teaching methods is a way to suggest improvements in teaching/ learning process. Convenient Sampling method was applied on this study. The researchers used the survey questionnaire method to gather inputs from the students. The main objective of this measurement is to find out which among the different teaching methods is best and interesting for the students. One hundred and fifty undergraduate students studying in AMA Cavite Campus were interviewed about their perceptions of best and effective teaching methods and the reason for that. Most of the students rated lecture method as the best teaching method. Reasons included; teacher provides all knowledge related to topic, time saving, students attentively listen to lecture and take notes etc. The group discussion was rated as the second best method of teaching because of; more participation of students, the learning is more effective, the students don’t have to rely on rote learning, and this method develops creativity among students etc. This was focused on effective teaching methods of teachers of AMA Compute College Cavite Campus. The respondents of the study were the selected undergraduate students of AMA. This study will serve as a tool in enhancing the current methodologies used by the instructors of AMA Cavite Campus. This study will help instructors in motivating their students to study hard that utilizing the best and effective method in teaching.

Keywords: Teaching methods, Effective, Instructors, Strategies, Students, Effectiveness.