Volume 1 - Issue 2 (February 2021)

Effectiveness of interactive web tools as teaching strategies in Ama Computer College, Cavite campus

- Joseph SY Butawan*


The main concern of this study is to analyse the effectiveness of interactive web-tools as teaching
strategies in AMA Computer College Cavite Campus. This study employed the descriptive survey method of research. The effectiveness of usage of Interactive Web Tools as Teaching Strategies was analysed by documentary analysis and interviews and it was observed that it is way more effective in making students understand. With these results, an improvement in the school system through their faculty members would give way to a modernized teaching method and strategy. This was focused on the interactive web tools as teaching strategy that will enhanced the teaching technique of teachers. It may provide more in-depth understanding of the effectiveness of interactive web tools that may help developed and enhanced teaching strategy and style of teachers. There will be more systematic and teaching style of teachers in teaching.

Keywords: Web tools, Interactive, Teaching Strategy, Effectiveness.