Volume 1 - Issue 2 (February 2021)

Assessment of school learners’ prevention program in selected public secondary schools in Carsigma: Basis for enhancement intervention program

- Joseph SY Butawan *


In the Philippines, the school dropout problem is increasing and is serious as ever. From early 1925 untill present, the dropout problem has been considered as a priority concern highlighting the educational wastage. The study used descriptive survey method and utilizes purposive sampling with 250 actual samples. The top three causes of dropouts were financial problem followed by family and health problems. Comparing the assessments of the three groups of respondents on efficiency, relevance, adequacy and responsiveness on the school learners prevention programs of the DepEd with a total grand mean of 4.19 interpreted as very satisfactory (VS). The developed and enhancement intervention program entitled “Moving Forward Program” composed of six (6) programs for parents, teachers, and students at risks and out-of school youth was proposed. Objectives were set together with the key result areas. Then target areas are identified to measure if the objectives are realized. After which, strategies were planned wherein, the activities, resources, program duration were identified. After completing the program, a developed and enhanced intervention program was made.

Keywords: School Leavers, assessment, prevention, program.