Volume 1 - Issue 1 (January 2021)

Challenges and prospects of Non-formal education program of Bangladesh

- Md. Roni Mridha *


Non-formal education is very effective in developing countries for socio-economic condition. It create a worthy chance for poor, child labors, street and orphan children as they are getting this type of education from various organization. Both private and public organization is operating numerous project to ensure basic education. The principal objective of this study is to investigate the challenges of non-formal education program. This study identified some prospect of non-formal education on the basic of real obstacles of this education in Bangladesh. This study is qualitative in nature and main method of this study is in-depth case study. In this study Face to face Interviews and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) technique was used for data collection. The data collected from the study found lot of challenges regarding non-formal education. Family poverty, migration and environmental crime, create the main challenges for ensuring successful implementation of this project or program. About 90% of the students are from poor family background, 60% family migrated from rural to urban area, etc. Study also found that students of this program have less interest on getting proper education as family’s main focus is in earning money. Early marriage, eve- teasing and family violence is remarkable barriers for female students. Juvenile delinquency, drag, mobile gaming is alarming phenomenon for the students of nonformal education. Non- government organizations try to work a lot in this field but not getting enough funds and co-operation form government as well as other donor. Sustainable and proper initiatives should be taken from government; non-government and community for provide the non-formal education. Indigenous resources (both material and immaterial) should be utilized within the cultural framework of Bangladesh for ensuring education right of citizen.


Key words: Non-formal education, program, challenges, organization.