Volume 1 - Issue 1 (January 2021)

Evaluation of English Conversation Program of Volunteers Association for Bangladesh (VAB): A study

- Md. Roni Mridha *


The present study aimed to evaluate the English conversation programme of Volunteers Association for Bangladesh (VAB) or commonly called “Vaab”-Bangladesh. This study is evaluated by mix-method and is quantitative in nature. The evaluation method and sample survey method was applied in this study. The study was evaluated in two stages, pre-and post. During pre-evaluation test, students got average marks of 58% mark. But after getting English conversation training, same students received average 83% marks. Average progress rate set upright on 26% and this progress rate of students is noteworthy.20% students in this test shows outstanding progress and got 92% in post-evaluation test. The real impact of this training is highly satisfactory. In investigating the present status of students on the basis of sample survey, this study found that 49% student can speak fluently and 7% is very is in outstanding level. 64% student have a good command on ask and answering questions. Only 30% student have a good grasp on uses of standard pronunciation. 90% rural students have a better command on English grammar. 50% students are week in narrating any aspect because of lack in sentences connecting ability. Some recommendations are mode on the basis of this study result. To develop this training programme, trainer must be trained properly. Principle of self-dignity must be maintained. This type of training is novel programme for establishing a strong basement in English of students from school level. The impact of this training and educational programme is sustainable and can uphold the image to world.

Key Words: Conversation, evaluation, training, progress.