Volume 1 - Issue 10 (October 2021)

Cultural Studies as Interdisciplinary Practices

- Elangbam Hemanta Singh *


The aim of this paper is to give an awareness of the history, theory, methodology and subject matter of particular disciplines and to explore how exactly different disciplines are brought together, transformed or transcended in different forms of interdisciplinary and what new forms of knowledge are created by those interactions. Another that attempts to establish it as the interdisciplinary centre of the humanities in place of older humane subjects such as classics and philosophy. Cultural studies, therefore, is never a theoretical practice, even when that practice incorporates notions of politics, power and context into its analysis. Actually, it offers a bridge between theory and popular culture and has done so throughout its practice—is an important reason for its appeal to contemporary scholars. In cultural studies the politics of the analysis and the politics of intellectual work are inseparable. Above all, to analyses how the role of the intellectual affects and influences in social changes through the notion of cultural studies by interdisciplinary. Last but not the least, we would see through cultural studies how and why both the notions of power, inequality, resistance and domination, and the potentials for change and development in the future.

Keywords: Interdisciplinary, cultural studies, discipline, text knowledge